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How does our media use affect our brain, motor function, and social and emotional life?
His work is made possible by the state of the equipment available at DRCMR.
The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
The 2018 organization from Human Brain Mapping
Non-invasive Transcranial Brain Stimulation Course is held 27-30 November 2018
The DRCMR is a co-applicant in two of newly awarded projects by the Novo Nordisk Synergy Programme
With MRI and specific exercises, Professor Carl-Johan Boraxbekk at DRCMR does research on how older persons can sharpen the brain for a long and healthy aging - and maybe delay dementia.
Talking about Home Ground Advantages.
The key is to map disease-specific fingerprints in the patient's brain
Postdoctoral Researcher David Meder has been part of the group investigating what happens in the brain when we make decisions.
In research published this week in Cerebral Cortex, DRCMR researchers were able to decode which sound a person is listening to by analysing his or her brain activity patterns.
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