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Friday, 14 September 2018 11:05

Senior Researcher from Fredensborg is granted millions

for the project of developing brain scans

DKK 11 million from EU to Senior Researcher Henrik Lundell.

Senior Researcher Henrik Lundell, living in Fredensborg, has been granted DKK 11 million from EU to develop more accurate brain scans, which may lead to better treatment of e.g. multiple sclerosis.

It is a project in the end might result in earlier and more accurate diagnoses and treatments of the individual patient with, at the initial stage, multiple sclerosis, and in the future e.g. dementia, depression and Parkinson.

More specifically, Henrik Lundell wants to develop technical methods to make far more detailed “maps” of cell changes in the nooks and corners of the brain, compared to what MRIs can provide today. In his research, he will use the two 7 tesla MR scanners located at Hvidovre Hospital. These have a magnet field which is more than double as powerful as the most powerful scanners used today at hospitals.

Using this new method, Henrik Lundell moves the microscope into a living human brain, so to speak, so one can see the cells and changes while the scanning takes place.


You can read the actual article in Lokalavisen Fredensborg (in Danish) here.