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Computer Infrastructure


At DRCMR, we are very fond of open source, and a large part of our infrastructure is based on Ubuntu Linux, FreeBSD, and PostgreSQL.


Our HPC cluster, consisting of 20 Intel-based nodes, sustains both the computational needs of our own 70 active users, while also occasionally providing computing resources to other local research units. The cluster is connected to the Danish Research Network via a 10Gb/s connection and lovingly cared for by our dedicated staff.

By means of a remote desktop solution, we provide access to Matlab, SPSS, as well as other scientific software packages.

During the course of the summer, we will be deploying a new storage infrastructure based on Red Hat Ceph, enabling us with near-infinite possibilities for storage growth.

As a research institution, we participate in both the eduroam and WAYF projects, granting access to a multitude of services across the world wide web.

IT Staff

Torkil Svensgaard

Ruben Vestergaard