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Postdoc Ayna Nejad on white lies in Kristeligt Dagblad (in Danish)
With the special 7T scanner at the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance (DRCMR), Hvidovre Hospital, researchers can discover microscopic details in our brain and thus read our minds!
DRCMR in collaboration with the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences, UCPH, offers a Phd course in cognitive and computational neuroimaging. The course is a practical Course for Building and Testing Models of Mind, Brain, and Behavior. DEADLINE FOR SIGNING UP IS 29 MARCH 2019
The yearly DRCMR course on foundational skills for neuroimaging is postponed. Start date is to be announced!
Yi He and Cihan Göksu have received funding from Lundbeck for two highly interesting projects.
Have you remembered to sign up for the NTBS Winter School 2018? Find more information as well as the program here.
Senior Researcher Henrik Lundell mentioned in Kristeligt Dagblad
has recently been granted euro 1.5 million, DKK 11 mill, from the European Research Council.
Senior Researcher from Hvidovre Hospital has been granted DKK 11 mill. by EU to develop more accurate MRIs which may result in better treatment of e.g. multiple sclerosis.
Annual course improving your MRI understanding
- this time it is all about the effects of multimedia exposure on the brain activity.
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