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Friday, 14 September 2018 11:38

Engineer and Senior Researcher Henrik Lundell from the MR Research section at Hvidovre Hospital

has recently been granted euro 1.5 million, DKK 11 mill, from the European Research Council.

The money will be spent on developing more accurate and detailed brain scan methods, compared to those today. A project which in the end might result in earlier and more accurate diagnoses and treatments of the individual patient with, at the initial stage, multiple sclerosis, and in the future e.g. dementia, depression and Parkinson. The grant for Henrik Lundell is the only one given for research at a hospital out of a total of 15 grants for young Danish Researcher by the European Research Council this year.
Henrik Lundell wants to develop technical methods to develop far more detailed “maps” of cell changes in the brain, compared to what MRIs can provide today.  In his research, he will use the two 7 tesla MR scanners located at Hvidovre Hospital. These have a magnet field which is more than double as powerful as the most powerful scanners used today at hospitals. 

In 7 Tesla scans, one can in more detail differentiate changes in different cell types in the brain and characterize them as e.g. inflammatory processes or degeneration of cells, which is e.g. found with patients with multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer. Today, one can look at this type of cell changes by looking at a biopsy or a dead brain in a microscope. However, using this new method, Henrik Lundell moves the microscope into a living human brain, so to speak, because one can see the cells and changes while the scanning takes place, and then the imaging can be analyzed more thoroughly. he intends to build up a project team consisting of three Postdocs and one Ph.D. Student.
You can find the actual article in Politiken (in Danish) by clicking here.
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