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Vision & Mission

Our vision:

Mapping brain dynamics to promote health and to tailor therapy.
We use advanced magnetic resonance imaging to create knowledge about the brain –
knowledge that can be used to optimize treatments in individual patients and 
to boost public and individual health, potential, and well-being.

It is all about the BRAIN

Although brain research has made remarkable advances, the human brain remains largely a mystery.  It is made up of more than 80 billion nerve cells, called neurons, forming a giant dynamic network.  The brain generates electrical signals that travel along the neurons, and jump from one neuron to the next by release of neurotransmitter chemicals in synapses.  These patterns of electrical and chemical signals make us feel, think, and move and produce such amazing phenomena as consciousness, empathy, intelligence, and creativity. 

Better BRAINs make better LIVEs

The brain continuously interacts with the body and is shaped by a complex interplay of genetic, physical, social, cultural, and environmental factors that emerge on different timescales and drive developmental cascades across the lifespan. These “brain dynamics” determine our lives. Beneficial brain dynamics secure our health and wellbeing. Aberrant brain dynamics can result in brain disorders affecting our lives and cause enormous individual, societal and economic burden.

Our mission:

We use brain mapping to unravel causal dynamics in the human brain.
We study beneficial brain dynamics that secure physical and mental health as well as
detrimental brain dynamics that cause brain disorders across the lifespan.

We are committed to conduct innovative research at the highest international level that results in new brain mapping methods, analyses and biomedical applications. We use advanced multimodal brain mapping technologies to study functional, metabolic, and structural properties of brain networks and how they are altered by brain disorders. Applying a causal approach we use a range of interventions: Pharmacological challenges, brain stimulation and training to identify network dynamics that promote, maintain or recover efficient integration and hereby optimize brain function. Our clinical focus is on promoting the use of innovative MRI technology in clinical practice and research for the benefit of individual patients and society. 


  • This knowledge will make major contributions to future efforts to boost public and individual health, potential, and well-being.  
  • This knowledge will also help to tailor therapeutic interventions in the brain dynamics expressed in individual patients (precision medicine).  

Education and inspiration

We have a strong focus on thorough in-house education to provide young scientists with necessary knowledge and skills to conduct cutting-edge research. We foster an inspiring international and multi-disciplinary research environment through openness and respect in order to unfold the scientific potential and secure the wellbeing of each member of staff.