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Training Dataset

Welcome to the download center. On this page you will find the various different training dataset that the DRCMR has freely available for download.

Currently, Issues with the data links are being corrected - please wait! If you have questions, you can contact Tim Dyrby at .

Apparent Compartment Eccentricity Dataset

Vervet Monkey Brain :: Orientationally Invariant Metrics Of Apparent Compartment Eccentricity From Double Pulsed Field Gradient Diffusion  (Dpgf) Experiments. 

AXR Dataset

Vervet Monkey Brain :: Apparent Exchange Rate Imaging In Anisotropic Systems.

Whole Pig Brain Dataset

Göttinge Mini Pig Brain :: Whole Brain Diffusion Mri Dataset.

Multiple b-Values Dataset

Göttinge Mini Pig Brain :: Multiple B-Values.

ActiveAx Dataset

Vervet Monkey Brain :: Activeax - Estimating Tissue Microstructure.  

Spinal Cord Dataset

Vervet Monkey :: Spinal Cord.

Multi Image-Resolution Dataset

EX Vivo Monkey Brain  :: Multi Image Resolution Diffusion Mri DataseRhe 

Rhesus Macaque Brain

Multiple B-Values, Angular Resolutions, Spatial Resolutions, and a Connectivity Matrix

Axon Morphology Dataset

Vervet Monkey Brain: X-ray Nano-Holotomography Volumes of the Splenium and Whole-Brain Diffusion MRI datasets