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Tuesday, 04 April 2023 11:37

DRCMR receives 527.500 DKK from AHH Forskningspulje

DRCMR has received four research grants from the Amager og Hvidovre Hospitals Forskningspulje to support clinical research at our department.

PhD student Sofus Nygaard received 120.000 DKK to investigate the feasibility of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) as a treatment modality for pathological fatigue in multiple sclerosis. Using a combination of MRI, TMS, and EEG, he will investigate how the cortical inhibition/excitation balance is altered and related to individual changes in fatigue.

Research Fellow Mikkel C. Vinding received 171.500 DKK to establish a protocol for monitoring motor symptoms in PD in real-world settings with wearable sensors that track the changes throughout the day without interfering with the patient's daily living.

Senior Researcher Kathrine Skak Madsen received 172.000 DKK to further her work on infant MRI, to investigate early brain development in typically developing children and children at high risk of cerebral palsy. The project will conduct normative modelling of typical and atypical development to identify deviations in brain development at the level of the single child.

Senior Researcher Petr Bednarik received 172.000 DKK to work on a novel deuterium
spectroscopy to assess brain glucose metabolism and neurotransmission with a clinical 3 Tesla MR-scanner

We are excited to begin the four projects and very thankful to Amager og Hvidovre Hospitals Forskningspulje for their support.