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Lasse Christiansen



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Research Interests

My research interest circles around sensorimotor control, motor learning and in particular central nervous plasticity. Through brain stimulation and electrophysiology, I have explored neural processes underlying motor skill learning and recovery of sensorimotor functions following CNS lesions. Recently I have been working with non-invasive plasticity protocols targeting the injured spinal cord. I have a strong interest in identifying determinants of individual variability in motor control, motor learning and response to non-invasive brain stimulation

Research Groups

Brain Stimulation group (Group Leader) 
Brain Network Modulation group
Control of Movement group (Group Leader)
Movement Disorders group

Curriculum Vitae



PhD in Neuroscience, University of Copenhagen


MSc in Human Physiology, University of Copenhagen


BSc in Sport and Exercise Science, University of Copenhagen


2019 - Present

Postdoctoral Research Associate, DRCMR

2018 - 2019

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Motor Perofrmance and Health, NEXS, University of Copenhagen

2015 - 2017

Postdoctoral Research Associate, The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, University of Miami

2012 - 2015

PhD student, Copenhagen Neural Control of Movement, NEXS & INF, University of Copenhagen

2011 - 2012

Research Assistant, Copenhagen Neural Control of Movement, NEXS & INF, University of Copenhagen


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Editorial work

Christiansen, L., Geertsen SS, Lundbye-Jensen J, Nielsen JB., ’Fra Tanke til Handling - Bevægelsens Neurobiologi’, Hjerneforum, 2016, A textbook covering basic and applied neurophysiology

Non-peer reviewed publications incl. book chapters

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Hjerneforum. 2017 (A chapter in a yearly publication translating neurophysiological hot-topics to the general population.)

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