MRI guest lecture at Jilin University

Simulation exercises improved online MRI teaching

In November 2020, Lars G. Hanson gave an invited guest lecture on MRI at Jilin University, Changchun, in Northeast China. Professor Ling Wan had organized similar teaching and research discussions in Changchun in 2019 when Lars travelled to a conference in South Korea. Now, online teaching was attempted, and it worked well: Introductory videos provided in advance were supplemented with online lecturing, and exercises performed by the students during the lecture. These were based on educational MR software developed locally, the CompassMR and Bloch Simulators, which were run in browsers by the students, supervised by Lars.

Online class at Jilin University with Lars G. Hanson

Group photo with students following the online teaching at Jilin University. Prof. Ling Wan appears
in the middle, and Lars on numerous screens on the walls of the lecture room.
In China, he also teaches in the Neuroscience & NeuroImaging MSc education
at the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research.


A student prepares to determine relaxation times for simulated tissue types supervised by Prof. Ling Wan locally and Lars Hanson remotely.