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Tim Dyrby



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Image Analysis and Computer Graphics section, DTU Compute

Research Interests

My main interest is microstructure plasticity imaging in normal and diseased conditions. How to non-invasively map microstructural features of brain tissue i.e. to statistically model measures of axon diameter and density, as well as general anisotropic measures. To understand the architecture of the microstructural environment and its connectivity that impact microstructural imaging and modeling. Key imaging technology is diffusion MRI where we design and combine acquisitions to reflect specific microstructural features. Diffusion MRI is translational so I work with powerful preclinical MRI scanners to develop, test and validate new diffusion MRI acquisitions and apply them to human patient studies.

Curriculum Vitae



PhD: DTU informatics, Technical Uni. Denmark (DTU), DK


MSc: DTU informatics, Technical Uni. Denmark (DTU), DK


BSc.E.E: Dep. of Electronic, Engineering College of Copenhagen, DK


Elektroniktekniker, Frederiksberg Tekniske Skole, DK


2015 - Present

Associate Professor in multi-modal imaging, Image Analysis and Computer Graphics section, DTU compute

2014 - Present

Head of Preclinical research, DRCMR , Cph. Uni. Hosp.,Hvidovre, DK

2010 - Present

Senior Researcher, DRCMR, Cph. Uni. Hosp.,Hvidovre, DK

2009 - Present

Group leader of the Diffusion Imaging Group (DIG), DRCMR, Cph. Uni. Hosp.,Hvidovre, DK

2009 - 2010

Postdoc, DRCMR, Cph. Uni. Hosp.,Hvidovre, DK


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