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Reader Centre

The DRCMR Reader Centre handles and processes large amounts of MRI data with effective data management and analysis methods in multiple cohort studies and clinical trials.

Research Activities

Effective data management

Large cohort studies, clinical trials and biomedical research demand effective data management and ever more specific and robust MRI techniques. The DRCMR Reader Centre takes pride in supporting such studies from idea to quality-assured results. This includes study planning, study coordination, MRI scan logistics, big data handling, ROI and lesion delineation, manual and automated data analysis, stakeholder communication and much more. All of these tasks are undertaken with a strong focus on continuous quality assurance while maintaining flexibility in regards to the needs of the individual study. 

Lesion delineation and assessment is one of the focus areas of the centre. In addition to years of experience with analysis of lesions related to multiple sclerosis, the centre benefits from expertise with determining pathophysiological changes in the brain associated with small vessel disease such as white Matter Hyperintensities (WMH). Drawing on the combined skills of the group and researchers at DRCMR, the Reader Centre has further refined its sensitive and reproducible algorithms to render the evaluation of lesions and lesion size more automatic and less dependent upon subjective assessment. The image analysis technology developed by the DRCMR research groups is continuously integrated into a workflow system for rapid configuration to accommodate specific requirements. Thus, the Reader Centre offers analysis of advanced MR measures such as diffusion tensor imaging, magnetization transfer imaging (MTR), iron deposition quantification, resting-state fMRI as well as structural MRI measures, such as brain segmentation, atrophy, lesion quantification and cortical thickness. Although most studies in the Reader Centre focus on the brain, MR images of other organs are also analysed in some studies, e.g. the spinal cord and leg muscles.

Optimizing data handling processes

Quality assurance is inherent in the Reader Centre workflow and is a focus area, which is continuously refined. The quality assessment is conducted throughout the data handling processes from the images are generated at the scanner, including image quality assessment, evaluation of software outcome measures, statistical evaluation and inter-rater validation. 

How can the Reader Centre help in your study?

The DRCMR Reader Centre can also assist in your study. Whether you need help with study planning, coordination, logistics, data handling, quality assurance, data analysis or any other aspects of your study, the Reader Centre can be an active partner in your study. We can both offer a standard solution for your study or find flexible solutions that match your exact needs. For more information, please contact Karam Sidaros.