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Tuesday, 22 September 2020 11:21

[EXPIRED] PhD scholarship in MR Imaging of Transcranial Ultrasound Waves

at DTU Health Tech and in collaboration with DRCMR

Are you interested in the emerging non-invasive brain stimulation method Transcranial Ultrasound Stimulation (TUS), then read more about this PhD scholarship opening at DTU.

MR imaging can be made sensitive to the acoustic radiation forces caused by ultrasound waves and "Our aim is to advance MR-ARFI (Magnetic Resonance Acoustic Radiation Force Imaging) to make it ready for human in-vivo applications. This will require improving the MR sensitivity to enable reliable measurements of ARFI-related phase changes at low ultrasound intensities that are know to be safe. At the same time, a sufficient robustness of the MR measurements to physiological noise needs to be maintained. We have ideas on how this can be achieved both by systematic optimization of established MR-ARFI approaches, and also by novel MR sequences with higher intrinsic stability to physicological noise. However, we need your help in the methods development, experimental validation and publishing the results."

The project at DTU is conducted in collaboration with DRCMR where experimental data will be acquired.

If you want to read more about this PhD scholarship, go to DTU Health Tech

The deadline for applying is 31 October 2020. 


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