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2019: PhD Course in Cognitive and Computational Neuroimaging

DRCMR in collaboration with the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences, UCPH, offers a Phd course in cognitive and computational neuroimaging. The course is a practical Course for Building and Testing Models of Mind, Brain, and Behavior. FULLY BOOKED!

Cognitive and computational neuroimaging aims at combining theoretical models of cognition with neuroimaging, to ask how cognitive processes are encoded and enacted by the brain. We take cognition in the broadest sense to include any mental or behavioral process, however the course will focus primarily on four key cognitive domains: sensory perception, reward, decision-making and motor action. The course will be strongly practical with ample opportunity for group work. There will be four phases. 1) Finding your question 2) Building your cognitive models 3) Designing your experiment 4) Presenting your experimental design. Students will form into small groups, and guided by experts they will go through each stage of these four phases, culminating in a group presentation at the end, in which their chosen experiment will be presented and scrutinized by the rest of the course attendants and instructors. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own research interests and applications into the course.

Participants. The course is designed for anyone with interests in cognitive science, psychology, computational neuroscience, neuroimaging, neuroeconomics. Programming skills are advantageous but not essential. Basic statistical training and familiarity with high school mathematics is essential. As the course is explicitly designed for students from interdisciplinary backgrounds, no other prerequisites are required.

Dates.  April 29th  to May 3rd 2019. The day begins at 9am and finishes at 4.30pm.

Language. English

Form. Five-day long course. Lectures in the morning and early afternoon, group work early to late afternoon.

Course director. Oliver Hulme, Senior Researcher, Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance,


(H) Hartwig Siebner, Professor of Precision Medicine, KU

(O) Oliver Hulme, Senior Researcher

(J) Jens Hjortkjaer, Senior Researcher

(D) David Meder, Postdoc

(A) Anke Karabanov, Senior Researcher

(L) Leo Tomasevic, Postdoc

(CJ) Carl-Johan Boraxbekk, Professor

(K)  Kasper Andersen, Postdoc

(S) Søren Fuglsang, Postdoc

All from the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance.

And 2 x Guest Lecturers from Europe to be confirmed

Course location

Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance

Education building room 10

Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre

Kettegard Allé 30


Please register through the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences, UCPH,  before March 29th 2019

Provisional Schedule

Minor updates might be made to the schedule, subject to availability of guest lecturers

Phd Course Program


  • Startdate: Monday, 29 April 2019
  • Enddate: Friday, 03 May 2019


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Tel.: +45 3862 3330
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