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Oula Puonti






DTU Elektro

Research Interests

Bayesian modeling, segmentation, structural MRI

Curriculum Vitae





Visiting researcher TUM-NIC, PhD Student DTU Compute, Research Assistant Aalto University

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Andreasen, S. H., Andersen, K. W., Conde, V., Dyrby, T. B., Puonti, O. T., Kammersgaard, L. P., Madsen, C. G., Madsen, K. H., Poulsen, I. & Siebner, H. R. Limited co-localization of microbleeds and microstructural changes after severe traumatic brain injury. Journal of Neurotrauma. 2020.
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Agn, M., Munck Af Rosenschöld, P., Puonti, O., Lundemann, M. J., Mancini, L., Papadaki, A., Thust, S., Ashburner, J., Law, I. & Van Leemput, K. A modality-adaptive method for segmenting brain tumors and organs-at-risk in radiation therapy planning. Medical Image Analysis. 54, p. 220-237, 2019.
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Puonti, O., Saturnino, G. B., Madsen, K. H. & Thielscher, A. Value and limitations of intracranial recordings for validating electric field modeling for transcranial brain stimulation. NeuroImage. 208, p. 1-14, 116431. 2019.
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Saturnino, G. B., Puonti, O., Nielsen, J. D., Antonenko, D., Madsen, K. H. & Thielscher, A. SimNIBS 2.1: A Comprehensive Pipeline for Individualized Electric Field Modelling for Transcranial Brain Stimulation. Brain and Human Body Modeling. Springer, p. 3-25, 2019.
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Farcito, S., Puonti, O., Montanaro, H., Saturnino, G. B., Nielsen, J. D., Madsen, C. G., Siebner, H. R., Neufeld, E., Kuster, N., Lloyd, B. A. & Thielscher, A. Accurate anatomical head segmentations: a data set for biomedical simulations. 41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC). IEEE, p. 6118-6123, 2019.
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Csifcsák, G., Boayue, N. M., Puonti, O., Thielscher, A. & Mittner, M.
Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation for treating depression: A modeling study.
Journal of Affective Disorders. 28, 234, p. 164-173, 2018.

Nielsen, J. D., Madsen, K. H., Puonti, O., Siebner, H. R., Bauer, C., Madsen, C. G., Saturnino, G. B. & Thielscher, A.
Automatic skull segmentation from MR images for realistic volume conductor models of the head: Assessment of the state-of-the-art.
NeuroImage. 2018.