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Saturday, 25 March 2017 22:31

Trilogy on interpretation and visualization of NMR and MRI basics completed

Lars Hanson MMCE2017 by Tamas ThalerMagnetic Resonance from quantum and classical perspectives.

Lars G. Hanson completed a trilogy of invited talks addressing Speakables and Viewables of Basic MRI/NMR. The last talk was given at the remarkably nice conference Magnetic Moments in Central Europe, MMCE 2017 held in Budapest. The three parts were

  1. Interpretations of Magnetic Resonance. The talk adressed a number of myths that are frequent in MR litterature (misunderstood quantum mechanics discussed in Concepts in MR, Part A, 2008).
  2. The validity of semi-classical visualizations from a quantum mechanics perspective. This talk was based on a book chapter entitled The ups and downs of NMR described by classical and quantum mechanics.
  3. Bloch Simulation and MR fundamentals. Having discussed speakable/unspeakable and viewable/unviewable in NMR and MRI in previous talks, the aim was now to go "all in" on visualization and explore what it can do for teaching and learning of basic MR. The material was mostly simulations available at https://www.drcmr.dk/MR and live demonstration using the educational CompassMR and Bloch simulators.