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Friday, 11 October 2019 12:48

How does alcohol affect our brain even after we have become sober again?

11102019 David Meder og Jens Hartmann 800x533 

"Fotografi: Jens Hartmann, Politiken" 

 Every autumn, thousands of people gather to celebrate at the Oktoberfest in Munich, a festivity revolving around the intake of large amounts of beer. Lars Igum Rasmussen, journalist at the newspaper Politiken, also planned a trip together with friends. However, before boarding the plane to Munich, he and a friend visited DRCMR where PhD students Line Korsgaard Johnsen, Anna ver Loren van Themaat and research fellow David Meder ran an extensive amount of different tests and measures on them. Then, upon returning from Munich they took a taxi from the airport for yet another visit at DRCMR, to see how several days of heavy drinking affected their mood, cognition and neural activity. 

Get the print version of Politiken on October 19th or see it online on politiken.dk a few days later to see the results.