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Wednesday, 03 April 2019 11:42

Project about how the social media affect the brain

The model Cecilie Haugaard and her boyfriend Christopher have started a project in which the skills of a DRCMR researchers are used

In the TV series "Cillemouse - den falske virkelighed" [in English: "Cillemouse - the fake reality] on TV2play, the model Cecilie Haugaard investigates different aspects of social media. In one episode, released on 10 April 2019, DRCMR and Researcher David Meder will contribute with an MRI of Cecilie Haugaard's brain while she is looking at both happy and angry faces. This research project was performed a few years ago when a larger group of subjects went through the same scanning process, revealing that the brain interprets smiles as ‘rewarding’, leading to the release of dopamine.

So, how does that become relevant with regards to the use of the social media? Have the 'likes' from the social media become another channel to rewards and 'shots' of dopamine for the brain? And do the users of the social media become somewhat 'addicted' to it? 

Watch the series on TV2play on Wednesday 10 April 2019 - you can watch a trailer by clicking here.