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Wednesday, 30 October 2019 11:36

What happens in the brain when you are being provoked?

DR Ultra is taking a look at what happens in a child’s brain when it is being provoked. For assistance, the host Anna Lin Lundsgaard teams up with Associate Professor Kristoffer H. Madsen and lets him measure the visible changes in the host’s brain activity using functional MRI while she is looking at pictures provoking her.

30102019 DR Ultra 1 

DR Ultra host Anna Lin Lundsgaard and Associate Professor Kristoffer H. Madsen

Anger and provocation are typically associated with activities near the brain stem, including amygdala. Also, a number of bodily reactions are ready to prepare the body for a fight or an escape. Prior studies have shown how areas in the frontal lope are connected with a regulation of those emotions which surfaces when we are being provoked or getting angry. This regulation makes it possible for us to keep the situation under control and prevents us from reacting violently.

30102019 DR Ultra 2 30102019 DR Ultra 3 

Functional brain activation: increased brain activation in the ”red areas” as a response to provoking pictures relative to neutral pictures.

You can see the results on DR Ultra’s “DR Ultra Nyt” on Wednesday 30 October 2019. Click here.