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Thursday, 24 October 2019 09:50

Is Oktoberfest good for the brain?

"Politiken" Journalist Lars Igum Rasmussen drank a total of 69 units while celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich (and this was in only three days). Three days before the departure for the famous beer party in Munich, Lars Igum Rasmussen's and his friend's brains were MR scanned, and with the help of other tests, DRCMR researchers were to see how the large quantities of beer affect his and his friend's brains when the intoxication had diminished.

DRCMR researcher David Meder and PhD students Line Korsgaard Johnsen and Anna Hester Ver Loren van Themaat carried out the experiments and the analysis for Politiken.

In the article (link to Politiken, in Danish) you can read more about how the brains were affected after the severe alcohol intake.