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Talk by Prof. Per Petersson from Umeå university

  • 26 March 2024 |
  • On cortico-basal ganglia network oscillations in PD/LID - what we have learned from animal models |
  • MR Conference Room Hvidovre Hospital |
  • Time 9:15 |

Neurophysiological recordings from both patients and animal models of Parkinson's disease and levodopa-induced-dyskinesia (PD/LID) have revealed abnormal physiological signatures that are strongly associated with specific symptoms. These aberrant brain activity patterns can potentially inform us on disease mechanisms and are being evaluated as real-time biomarkers of circuit dysfunctions to help guiding the development of new treatments.
This presentation will provide a brief overview of network oscillations in PD/LID, with a special focus on the translational value of rodent models. Network properties underlying the emergence of oscillatory activity will be discussed, as well as shared mechanisms underlying circuit dysfunction in sensorimotor and cognitive-limbic aspects of the corticostriatal system with implications for non-motor symptoms such as Parkinson psychosis.