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Naiara Demnitz



+45 3862 6446



Research Interests

The overarching aim of my work is to understand how modifiable lifestyle factors can help promote healthy brain ageing. To that end, my research combines magnetic resonance
imaging (MRI) and neuropsychological assessments to characterise the relationship
between lifestyle factors such as physical activity and mobility, and the brain structure and
function of older adults.

Research Groups

Healthy Ageing group

Curriculum Vitae



PhD in Psychiatry, University of Oxford


MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London


BSc in Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol


2020 - Present

Postdoc at DRCMR

2019 - 2020

Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health, Global Brain Health Institute, Trinity College Dublin

2018 - 2019

Postdoc at the University of Oxford

2014 - 2015

Research Assistant at the University of Oxford


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Demnitz, N., Topiwala, A., Zsoldos, E., Stagg, C.J., Emir, U.E., Johansen-Berg, H., ... & Sexton, C.E. (2020). Alcohol consumption is associated with reduced creatine levels in the hippocampus of older adults. Psychiatry Research: NeuroImaging, 295, 111019.

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