Early Life Determinants of Midlife Mental Development and Brain Structure (LifeMabs)

LifeMabs is a midlife assessment of cognition, personality, social functioning and MRI of participants with unique information from the pre- and perinatal life period, childhood, young adulthood and midlife.

  • Funded by: Nordea Foundation


The LifeMabs project is a collaboration between Center for Healthy Aging, Department of Public Health and the Aging and Dementia group at DRCMR supported by the Nordea Foundation.  


The Copenhagen Perinatal Cohort (CPC), the Prenatal Development Project (PDP) and the Copenhagen Aging and Midlife Biobank (CAMB) provide comprehensive information on the life course and health status of a large sample of Danish individuals who have been followed from the prenatal stage to midlife. The midlife follow-up is designed to optimize integration with the previous assessments, but also to extend the previously collected data with assessment of physical, mental and social characteristics as well as state of the art multimodal MRI. Many aspects of aging show substantial individual differences and an important task is to identify predictors of individual differences in aging trajectories. 

Combining lifespan data with MRI-derived parameters, LifeMabs provide a unique opportunity to identify and visualize different structural and functional brain aging profiles and assess how life exposures and adversities may shape individual aging profiles.

Project Leader


Erik Lykke Mortensen   

  Professor Erik Lykke   Mortensen


Department of Public Health and Center for Healthy Aging, University of Copenhagen


DRCMR Members

Hartwig R. Siebner

Carl-Johan Boraxbekk