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ContAct Events

Since the beginning of the ContAct group, a long list of international neuroscientists have presented their work in the regular ContAct presentation series. Furthermore, a number of retreats and three highly successful TMS courses with international attendees have created an inspiring research environment.

The complete list of all ContAct events held during the funding period is presented below


24./25.11.2016: Farewell Symposium

08.07.2016: Ulrike Krämer: "Neural Networks of motor control and motor learning"

07.07.2016: Klaus Funke: "Rat TMS models concerned with inhibition"

04.04.2016: Chris Mathys: "Keeping the learning rate just right: adaptive precision-weighting of prediction errors using hierarchical Gaussian filters (HGFs)."


18.12.2015 – Peter Jes Kohler: Texture regularity processing in human visual cortex

07./08./09.12.15 – TMS course

18.09.2015 - CPHNCM – ContAct meeting at Elsass Centre

09.10.2015 – Ole Jensen: On the functional role of human alpha oscillations

29.09.2015 – Lucas Parra: Cellular and network effects of transcranial electric stimulation with weak currents

18.06.2015: Johan Mátensson: Language learning and dynamics of brain plasticity

16.02.2015 – Stefania Ficarella: Endogenous vs. exogenous action inhibition: a TMS-EEG study

13.02.2015 – Martin Sommer: motor cortex structure, excitability and plasticity in fluent and dysfluent speakers


26./27./28.11.2014 – TMS course

10.11.2014 – Alexis Hervais Adelamn: fMRI of Simultaneous Interpretation

28.10.2014 – Alexander Leemans: Connecotmics, Connectography, Connectometry

27.10.2014 – Jennifer Chesters

10.10.2014 – Melanie Ganz: On Feature relevance in image-based prediction models: an empirical study

22.09.2014 – Steve Flemming: towards a neuroscience of metacognition and insight

18.09.2014 – Chris Steele: The musicians brain – evidence for training-related plasticity

16.06.2014 – Volker Mall: Exploiting neural plasticity in neurorehabilitation

26.05.2014 – Marc Tittgemeyer

16.04.2014 – Justin Chumbley: How to make bad decisions – lessons from Pavlov, Pascal and Nash

24.03.2014 – Mini Symposium: Ross Cunnington & Toshiyuki Fujiwara

17.03.2014 – John Krakauer: Rethinking Motor planning and motor learning

04.03.2014 – Mitsuaki Takemi: Primary Motor Cortex Stimulation in humans and animals

17.02.2014 – Mini Symposium: Alexander Münchau & Tobias Bäumer

12.02.2014: ContAct retreat at Hvidovre Hospital

28.01.2014 – Jakob Blicher: Chemical exchange saturation transfer imaging


02.12.2013 – Marc Himmelbach: Sensorimotor fMRI of the Superior Colliculus in Humans

27./28./29.11. 2013. – TMS course in Hvidovre Hospital

28.10.2013 – Alexander Sack: Multimodal TMS in the study of visual cognition

30.09.2013 – Etienne Koechlin: Rules and preferences in human decision-making

16.09.2013 – Elena Allen: Tracking whole-brain connectivity dynamics in the resting state

27.08.2013 – Jiaxiang Zhang: Neural mechanisms of voluntary actions in humans

19.08.2013 – Iris Wiegand: Neural markers of age-related decline and reserve in attentional capacity

19.08.2013 – Sid Kouider: Neural Mechanisms of conscious access and unconscious perception

04.07.2013 Mini Symposium – Jesper Mogensen & Morten Overgård

27./28.06.2013 – ContAct retreat (Lisegården Kursuscenter)

24.06.2013 – Søren Kyllingsbæk

10.06.2013 – Sven Bestmann: How decisions influence actions

13.05.2013 – Kristine Krug: Signal integration for perceptual decisions and the expectation of reward

03.05.2013 – ContAct retreat (Hvidovre Hospital)

29.04.2013 – David Weise: Plasticity and cortical representations in focal dystonia

25.03.2013 – Anke Henning: 7T lecture

25.02.2013 – Thilo van Eimeren: Molecular and functional biomarkers of behavioural addictions

21.02.2013 – Virginia Conde: Inducing timing-dependent plasticity with non-invasive associative stimulation

21.02.2013 – Johannes Stelzer: Multivariate fMRI analysis in twin studies on musical memory and shamanic trance

18.02.2013 – Ulf Ziemann: Modulation of motor learning by pharmacological and non-invasive brain stimulation

04.02.2013 – Ulrich Kirk: Neural substrates of valuation and reward processing


26.11.2012: Gregor Thut: Probing the role of the phase and the amplitude of brain rhythms in visual attention and perception

29.10.2012: Ulf Ziemann

15.10.2012: Maria Pastor: spatial discrimination and spatial neglect in Parkinson’s disease.

17.09.2012: Ricarda Schubotz 

03.09.2012: Elvira Fischer: Neural correlates of visual self-motion and smooth pursuit investigated using fMRI

13.08.2012: Pascale Sandmann: Cortical plasticity in cochlear-implant users

25.06.2012 – Charlotte Rosso: from acute stroke to functional recovery

07.05.2012: Angelo Quartarone: Studying sensorimotor plasticity in dystonia

16.04.2012: Jakob Kisbye Dryer: small scale and large scale mathematical models of dynamic dopamine signaling

13.04.2012: Retreat

13.03.2012: CPHNCM – ContAct meeting

12.03.2012: Traian Popa: Cerebellar control of the sensori-motor coupling

20.02.2012: Mehdi Kheramati and Carsten Stahlhut

13.01.2012: Retreat

12.01.2012 – Thomas Schenk: the two visual streams hypothesis: a critical re-appraisal


19.09.2011: Martin Voss

04.07.2011: Nick Ward

16.05.2011: Angela Cenci-Nilsson

11.04.2011: Finn Årup Nielsen

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