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Research Interests

My research involves development of novel diffusion weighted NMR/MRI pulse sequences to study properties of tissue microstructure. Within DIG I am focusing on NMR/MRI methods to probe molecular exchange between different tissue microenvironments and study tissue anisotropy on sub-voxel length scales. The new methods are first tested on a preclinical scanner and then applied on multiple sclerosis patients in a clinical study.

Research Groups

Microstructure and Plasticity

Curriculum Vitae


PhD in Physics, Faculty for mathematics and physics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

MsC in Physics, Faculty for Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


2016 - Present

Chief scientific officer at CR Development

2014 - Present

Vinnova (Marie-Curie) fellow - visiting reasercher at the The Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance (DRCMR)

2009 - Present

Key account manager and project manager for OncoPulse at CR Development, NMR expert at CR Competence

2006 - Present

Editorial board of the national journal “Fizika v šoli” for the elementary and high school physics teachers

2005 - 2005

Collaboration in organizing the international GIREP seminar in Ljubljana

2005 - 2005

Collaboration in coordinating the activities within the Slovenian celebration of the World Year of physics 2005.

2002 - 2004

Collaboration on the project

2002 - Present

Member of the “Laboratory for New Experimental Techniques” at Josef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Development of novel diffusion NMR techniques within the research group led by prof. dr. Janez Stepišnik

2001 - 2007

Assistant professor for physics at Faculty for Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

2001 - 2007

Leading workshops within the program for high school in-service teachers training at Faculty for Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

2000 - 2001

Teaching physics at the Bežigrad high school, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Full CV


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