Coming to DRCMR

If you consider moving to Denmark and work with us at DRCMR, you might find these links useful

The links are a random collection of what links and information our current staff has used when moving to Denmark.

 The official “New in Denmark” page has all the practical information you need

 The international house can help you with the paperwork/CPR number, insurance, house finding etc. They also organize some nice events for newcomers.

Some DRCMR-people have very good experience with Danish courses at CIP. They’re very flexible and their courses are especially tailored for knowledge workers.

Housing: There is a huge demand for houses. Try everything, respond quickly, go to see apartments right away and say yes if you like it. You can only be sure the apartment is yours after you have a signed rental agreement, so again do that as soon as possible.

Events, culture and food in Copenhagen

Copenhagen news in English

Learning Danish words before going

app: fabulo (easy)