Key Projects

The eight key projects of DRCMR 


BaSiCs (Biophysically adjusted State-informed Cortex stimulation) is a collaboration with the Danish Technical University (DTU) and is supported by a synergy grant from Novo Nordisk Foundation (2015-2018).



The Control of Actions - ContAct

In our everyday life, we need to flexibly adjust our actions to the challenges imposed by our environment, our internal state and last but not least the social context a situation is embedded in.

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A project on optimizing the use of European brain imaging cohorts – Healthy minds for 0-100 years.



Early Life Determinants of Midlife Mental Development and Brain Structure (LifeMabs)

LifeMabs is a midlife assessment of cognition, personality, social functioning and MRI of participants with unique information from the pre- and perinatal life period, childhood, young adulthood and midlife.




Physical Activity as Intervention for Age-Related Loss of Muscle Mass and Brain Structure and Function: the LISA study. 

LISA: a randomized Controlled Trial of the effects of 1-year resistance exercise on muscle power, strength, and mass, functional ability, mental well-being, cognitive function, and brain morphology in retirement-age individuals. 




The Danish 22q11 Research Initiative

The 22q11 deletion as an at-high risk model for neurodevelopmental disorders such as schizophrenia and autism: Uncovering the neurobiological underpinnings. 

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The Omnisam (Omnibus Satiety Metric) is a multimodal metric for predicting the satieting effects of real foods and drinks.



 MAX IV Imagers Project

The MAX IV Imagers Project's focus is upon the development of new image analyses algorithms that make it possible for both researchers and clinicians to understand the highly detailed anatomical patterns in synchrotron images.