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In research published this week in Cerebral Cortex, DRCMR researchers were able to decode which sound a person is listening to by analysing his or her brain activity patterns.
Biomarker AGORA is a matchmaking event at the University of Copenhagen (, which takes place on 1 November 2017.
Annual course improving your MRI understanding
Carl-Johan Boraxbekk's research career took another important step when he yesterday, 19 September 2017, at the age of 37, was appointed full Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging at Umeå University.
Senior Researcher at DRCMR and Associate Professor at DTU Compute, Tim Dyrby receives a 1.9 million DKK grant from "VILLUM Experiment" - an experimental grant which supports unorthodox ideas in their early phase.
Senior Researcher Ellen Garde gives advice on how to keep the brain fit during ageing in "Viden" at (In Danish)
From November 22nd to November 24th 2017, DRCMR will host this year's TMS workshop.
Postdoc Henrik Lundell og Senior forsker Ellen Garde publicerer artiklen ”Simpel metode til måling af cervikal rygmarvsatrofi hos MS-patienter” i det danske Best Practice. 
The DRCMR Biennial Report 2015-2016 is now published!
Senior Researcher Ellen Garde was on Danish P1 radio to talk about healthy ageing and the three pillars for maintaining a healthy brain throughout life.
A small area of the brain reveals the delicate motor control of the right- and the left hand. If you are left-handed you might have a more creative brain. 
A new innovative pilot project funded by Nordea Fonden shall transform research-based knowledge of how to keep the brain in top form into concrete activities and and also enable researchers to spread out the current knowledge.  
PhD student at Technical University of Denmark and DRCMR Kasper Lipsø successfully defended his PhD in December 2016. Congratulations to Kasper.
X-ray pictures with very sharp lighting will pave the way for better treatments of a broad range of diseases. The project at Hvidovre Hospital recently received 4.5 million Danish kroner from the Research Fund of the Capital Region of Denmark.
PhD student Anna Lind Hansen visited Skanderborg Gymnasium to talk about free will
The reward system is activated once christmas is getting close.
Continuing interest in the lying brain: Ayna Baladi Nejad & Natalia Gadek were again interviewed about lying. This time in Søndagsavisen Vestegnen.
Ayna Baladi Nejad and Natalia Gadek were interviewed in MetroXpress about lying. 
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