Thursday, 15 February 2007 16:31

General stipend opportunities at DRCMR

  • Pages of particular interest for those requesting PhD-stipends for studies at the DRCMR: The Graduate School of Neuroscience, Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging, and the Neurocluster. Consider also The ITMAN graduate school at the Technical University of Denmark. Finally, you can also apply for PhD stipends at the local universities: The Technical University, the IT University and the University of Copenhagen.

  • General PhD studentship opportunities (no time limit for applications): Research areas include neurophysiology, fMRI, perfusion, spectroscopy, hyperpolarisation and MR physics. Projects can be tailored to the interests and strengths of the candidates. Normally, only applicants with a strong background in a relevant field will be considered. Successful candidates would become members of an international, multi-disciplinary research group consisting of physicists, chemists, engineers and physicians working in one of the most pleasant capital cities in Europe. For further details, contact Karam Sidaros by email or telephone +45 38 62 33 30.