Talk by Professor Daichi Nozaki

  • 13/2-2017 |
  • Daichi Nozaki |
  • MR Conference Room |
  • Time 11.00 |

Professor Daichi Nozaki from the Graduate School of Education at University of Tokyo will give a talk entitled "Context-dependent motor memories in humans: Function, implementation, and manipulation"

Context strongly influences our memory: memories associated with a particular place often come to life when we revisit that place, even after a long absence. In this talk, I will demonstrate that such context-dependency also exists in motor memories and contributes to flexible motor control. I will also propose our hypothesis about the implementation that brain state associated with each context should lead to develop its own (i.e., context-dependent) motor memories. Indeed, our recent study (Nozaki et al., eLife 2016) supports this idea: after motor learning is performed under a particular background brain state artificially created by tDCS, the corresponding motor memory is automatically retrieved by imposing the same state.