PhD Course in Human Brain Stimulation

  • 13-17/3-17 |
  • Various speakers |
  • Hvidovre Hospital |
  • Time TBA |

This PhD course provides a systematic and comprehensive overview over current brain stimulation techniques, highlighting their neuroscientific and therapeutic potential.

The students will be introduced to the various stimulation techniques (e.g. optogenetics, transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial current stimulation, deep-brain stimulation) and will gain in-depth knowledge about the basic biophysical mechanisms and the most commonly used neuroscientific and therapeutic stimulation techniques. Theoretical lectures will be complemented by practical sessions and demonstrations. The course will consist of introductory lectures in the morning (three to four lectures per day), followed by a student presentation of the lecture highlights and supervised practical exercises and demonstrations based on different brain stimulation techniques in the afternoon.