Tuesday, 09 April 2019 10:17

Global Excellence Lecture with Dr. Dirk Jancke

On Wednesday 17 April 2019, Dr. Dirk Jancke from Ruhr University Bochum is giving a Global Excellence lecture entitled: "Imaging TMS-induced plasticity in animal models".

Jancke’s Optical Imagining Lab is focused on processing dynamics within the brain: “We investigate its capacities for plastic reorganization (i.e., synaptic re-wiring and learning). Using optical imaging techniques combined with modelling, we aim at deciphering the brain‘s computational strategies that lead to perception and behavior. Optical imaging is unique in its capability of capturing the activity of millions of neurons at once using light. In combination with optogenetics (i.e., light stimulation and recordings of specific target neurons and neuronal subnetworks) our approach provides access to both theoretical and experimental questions dealing with the highly dynamic activity patterns ob­served across the brain.“

See for more information http://jancke-lab.de/

The Global Excellence lecture is being held in the MR Conference room at 11:00 o'clock.

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