Wednesday, 05 December 2018 12:21

Review of the NTBS Winter School 2018

The final day of the NTBS Winter School 2018 in Copenhagen was reached on Friday 30 November when the participants received a certificate of their attendance. The goal of the intensive four-day workshop was to provide the participants with in-depth knowledge of the most common non-invasive transcranial brain stimulation techniques (TMS/TDCS/TACS).

"The NTBS Winter School gives a thorough introduction to non-invasive brain stimulation with a strong focus on methodology. Excellent theoretical lectures are combined with practical demonstrations to provide knowledge and awareness not only of the possibilities, but also the pitfalls of the major stimulation methods (TMS, TDCS, TACS). The course organizers, through a display of openness and competence, create a friendly yet highly professional learning environment. The experience that I have gained from this course will serve as an important reference to guide my future research."

Örjan de Manzano, PhD
Senior Lab Manager

The teaching modules covered basic principles as well as a wide range of applications, and they were all accompanied by hands-on sessions and demonstrations in the afternoons.

Good general overview of NTBS for all skill levels," and “Excellent mix of theory, methodology and scientific applications in all talks and practical sessions – a well-rounded course” were a few of the comments found on the evaluation forms.

Comment from another participant:

Personal Atmosphere, interesting topics - the course size of 20-25 participants was optimal”.

Happy participants

If you want to know about next year’s NTBS Winter School, we expect to announce it on our website over the summer 2019.