Thursday, 12 July 2018 10:05

DRCMR researchers at ISMRM 2018

The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

ISMRM 2018 

The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) is a multi-disciplinary association for anyone working with magnetic resonance techniques in medicine and biology throughout the world, thereby fostering the dialogue within and between the scientific and clinical communities. The ISMRM annual meeting offers a comprehensive educational and scientific program on a wide variety of topics within the field of MR. At this year’s ISMRM annual meeting in Paris, the main themes were MR value, machine learning and big data. The 15 DRCMR researchers participating in ISMRM 2018 not only presented their scientific work, but also organized symposia, gave lectures and were members of study group committees.

All DRCMR contributions:

Traditional posters

Anna Lind, Vincent Boer, Mads Andersen, Esben Petersen, Anouk Marsman. Test-retest reliability of real-time frequency and motion corrected Hadamard encoded spectral editing (CHASE). #1291

Kyungmin Nam, Nam Lee, Anouk Marsman, Vincent Boer, Chulhyun Lee, Esben Petersen. Fast zoomed QSM of the human midbrain at 7T. #2193

Nina Reislev, Henrik Lundell, Hartwig Siebner, Christian Eriksen, Michael Kjær, Ellen Garde. Differentiation of white matter hyperintensity severity using T2- and T1-weighted brain MRI. #2075

Vincent Boer, Nam Lee, Anouk Marsman, Esben Petersen. 3D EPSI Hadamard spectral editing of GABA and GSH at 7T. #1307

Vincent Boer, Mads Andersen, Anouk Marsman, Esben Petersen. High resolution imaging at 7T using interleaved prospective motion correction (iMOCO). #2648

Electronic posters

Anouk Marsman, Vincent Boer, Mads Andersen, Esben Petersen. Bilateral functional MRS of GABA with real-time frequency and motion correction at 7T. #3963

Cihan Göksu, Lars Hanson, Hartwig Siebner, Philip Ehses, Klaus Scheffler, Axel Thielscher. Comparison of two alternative sequences for human in-vivo brain MR current density imaging (MRCDI). #5607

David Romascano, Jonathan Rafael-Patino, Ileana Jelescu, Muhamed Barakovic, Tim Dyrby, Jean-Philippe Thiran, Alessandro Daducci. Voxel size matters: big voxels are required to generate realistic extra-axonal dMRI signals from Monte Carlo simulations. #5237

Jan Petersen, Jan Ole Pedersen, Vitaliy Zhurbenko, Jan Ardenkjær-Larsen, Lars Hanson. Ultra-low power transmitter for encoding non-MR signals in magnetic resonance (MR) recordings. #1736

Kasper Andersen, Samo Lasic, Henrik Lundell, Markus Nilsson, Daniel Topgaard, Filip Szczepankiewicz, Lars Hanson, Hartwig Siebner, Morten Blinkenberg, Tim Dyrby. Multi-dimensional microstructural imaging offers novel in vivo insights into brain pathology: an application to multiple sclerosis. #5284

Marjolein Piek, Nam Lee, Anouk Marsman, Vincent Boer, Esben Petersen. Investigating the effect of B1 map inaccuracies on advanced pulse design. #3400

Moss Zhao, Lena Vaclavu, Esben Petersen, Henk-Jan Mutsaerts, Bart Biemond, Ed van Bavel, Charles Majoie, Aart Nederveen, Michael Chappell. Investigating cerebrovascular reactivity using pseudo-continuous ASL and Turbo QUASAR ASL at varying blood flow conditions. #2174

Rie Hansen, Jeremy Gordon, Peter Shin, Zihan Zhu, Daniele Mammoli, Pamela Munster, Rahul Aggarwal, Michael Ohliger, Peder Larson, Lars Hanson, Jan Ardenkjær-Larsen, Daniel Vigneron. Multichannel hyperpolarized 13C MRI in a patient with liver metastases using multi-slice EPI and an alternating projection method for denoising. #3560

Rie Hansen, Peter Shin, Jeremy Gordon, Mark van Criekinge, Lucas Carvajal, Lars Hanson, Jan Ardenkjær-Larsen, Daniel Vigneron. Integrated B1+ mapping for hyperpolarized 13C MRI in a clinical setup using multi-channel receive arrays. #3698

Power pitches

Cihan Göksu, Lars Hanson, Hartwig Siebner, Philip Ehses, Klaus Scheffler, Axel Thielscher. Human in-vivo brain MR current density imaging (MRCDI) based on steady-state free precession free induction decay (SSFP-FID). #0542

Malte Laustsen, Mads Andersen, Patrick Lehmann, Rong Xue, Kristoffer Madsen, Lars Hanson. Slice-wise motion tracking during simultaneous EEG-fMRI. #4082

Lena Vaclavu, Moss Zhao, Esben Petersen, John Wood, Henk-Jan Mutsaerts, Charles Majoie, Ed van Bavel, Bart Biemond, Michael Chappell, Aart Nederveen. Adaptations in cerebral physiology due to chronic anaemia measured with Turbo-QUASAR ASL. #0856

Oral presentations

Henrik Lundell, Andrew Webb, Itamar Roonen. Cell specific anisotropy with double diffusion encoding spectroscopy in the human brain at 7T. #0259

Henrik Lundell, Markus Nilsson, Carl-Fredrik Westin, Daniel Topgaard, Samo Lasic. Spectral anisotropy in multidimensional diffusion encoding. #0887

Laurent Petit, Silvio Sarubbo, Alessandro De Benedictis, Franco Chioffi, Maurice Ptito, Tim Dyrby. The existence of the inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus (IFOF) revealed in the non-human primate by ex-vivo diffusion-weighted tractography and blunt dissection. #0735

Lisa van der Kleij, Ilse Kant, Geert Jan Biessels, Jeroen Hendrikse, Esben Petersen, Jill de Vis. Lower oxygenation in the peripheral subarachnoid space reflects decreased cerebral blood flow in dementia-related brain structures. #0732

Vitaliy Khlebnikov, Alex Bhogal, Olivier Mougin, Vincent Boer, Jannie Wijnen, Penny Gowland, Peter Luijten, Jeanine Prompers, Hans Hoogduin, Dennis Klomp. Multicolor metabolic quantitative CEST (mmqCEST) imaging: possibility and limitations. #0416


Henrik Lundell. Insights into cerebellar microstructure from diffusion in many dimensions. At: Member-initiated symposium “Zooming into the ‘Little Brain’: Advances in cerebellar imaging”.

Tim Dyrby. Data sharing initiatives in neuroimaging and beyond: Experiences & lessons learned. At: Member-initiated symposium “Big data, annotations & machine learning for neuro MR: A no-brainer”.

Vincent Boer. Shimming: Superconducting & passive shims; higher-order shims, shim arrays & dynamic shimming. At: Weekend educational course “MR Systems Engineering”.

Member-initiated symposia

Linda Knutsson, Esben Petersen, Sophie Schmid. How to make perfusion imaging become a quantitative imaging biomarker.

Muhamed Barakovic, Alessandro Daducci, Tim Dyrby. Non-invasive axon diameter mapping: So fascinating, so challenging & so many questions.

Study group activities

Esben Petersen, Secretary, Perfusion MR Study Group Governing Committee

Lars Hanson, Chair, Detection & Correction of Motion in MRI & MRS Study Group Governing Committee

Tim Dyrby, Past Chair, Diffusion MR Study Group Governing Committee