Friday, 21 February 2014 14:56

Our dear colleague Lise Vejby Søgaard passed away unexpectedly

Our very dear friend and colleague Lise Vejby Søgaard passed away unexpectedly due to sudden and acute illness during her winter holidays in Norway, February 2014. It came as a complete shock to everyone. Lise was exceptionally thoughtful, helpful and always prioritized higher goals over own benefit. Subtle humor, excellent collaboration skills, and a clear mind made her both popular and busy. She was very considerate, and many enjoyed her warmth and kind friendship.

At a professional level, Lise was the senior scientist heading the preclinical group. She made important contributions to countless projects over the years, e.g. working with hyperpolarisation and diffusion MR imaging.

Lise was an important part of many people's life, and she will live in our memories. Our warmest thoughts go to her family who suffers the greatest loss of all.