Friday, 13 September 2013 01:00

Local workshop and summer school attracted hundreds of international visitors interested in hyperpolarization

Two major scientific events took place in Copehagen in August 2013, co-organized by the DRCMR.

Together with an international team, the DRCMR co-organized an ESMRMB summer school entitled Acquisition Strategies for Hyperpolarised Spin Systems. The course was the first of its kind, and had 45 participants. It was held at the Technical University of Denmark, north of Copenhagen. The group of excellent and well-prepared speakers gave the participants much food for thought, and the response was very positive.

The summer school was followed by the 4th International Symposium on Dynamic Nuclear Polarization which was locally organized, also with DRCMR contributions. The conference took place in Helsinore further north of Copenhagen, and was a major event in the hyperpolarization community with around two hundred participants. A particular kind of hyperpolarization called "dissolution DNP" is thriving field where  Danish research is very visible and recognized.