Monday, 13 January 2020 11:40

New Year, new decisions: How do you help your brain to make the right choices?

The New Year resolution is all about doing better in the upcoming year, but if you actually intend to accomplish your goals, it might be helpful to dig into the mechanisms behind decision-making.  

What is actually going on in the brain when we make decisions? How does peer pressure and starvation affect our decisions? And how can the dopamine system make the basis of all our actions? Research Fellow David Meder from the DRCMR assists us in the search for answers.

You can listen to the interview at in the last podcast of Brainstorm of 2019 by clicking here. In this podcast, entitled “Nyt år, nye beslutninger: Hvordan hjælper man sin hjerne til at træffe gode valg?”. You will also be presented with research-based advice regarding how to make the best decisions.

Happy new year!