Henrik Lundell



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Senior Researcher

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Research Interests

My main interest is mainly to find biomarkers for structural and microstructural tissue changes in healthy and disease. My work spans from method development on pre-clinical scanners to translation to in vivo applications in humans.

Research Groups

Ultra-High Field MR
Multiple Sclerosis
Microstructure and Plasticity
Reader Centre

Curriculum Vitae


Engineer, PhD


2018 - Present

Senior Researcher, DRCMR

2011 - 2018

Postdoc, DRCMR

2010 - 2011

Research Assistent, DRCMR

2007 - 2010

PhD Student, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2007 - 2007

Research Assistent, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2005 - 2005

Research Inter, BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH, Munich

2000 - 2000

Research Assistent, Mechanics Department, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm


Video Pitch: Presentation

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