Thursday, 12 April 2018 11:47

DRCMR at the HVH Research Day

Researchers and students from DRCMR are presenting altogether 23 posters at the HVH Research Day on the 13th of April 2018

Furthermore, Ph.D. student Allan Lohse is participating in the yearly pitching competition. We are looking very much forward to the Research Day.

Allan Lohse

Allan Lohse: Presupplementary Motor Area Controls Risk Taking Behavior Exclusively in Novel Situations

Amalie Sofie Ekstrand: Maturation of major white matter tracts during childhood and adolescence: A longitudinal study with up to 11 time points

Anna Hester Ver Loren van Themaat: Electrophysiological correlates for error monitoring in 11-year-old children at familial risk for developing schizophrenia or bipolar disorder during the Eriksen-Flanker task

Anna Lind: Reproducible in vivo assessment of GABA and GSH using MR spectroscopy

Christian Bauer: Asymmetries in structural connectivity correlates with fatigue in multiple sclerosis

Christian Skoven: Uncovering neurobiological mechanisms of non-invasive transcranial brain stimulation

Christopher Fugl Madelung: Unravelling the alteration of brain structure and function in Parkinson’s Disease with ultra-high field MRI (7TPD)

Cihan Göksu: Human In-vivo Brain Magnetic Resonance Current Density Imaging (MRCDI)

Cristina Pasquinelli: TFUS experimental design: The impact of transducer modelling in simulations

Freja Gam Østergaard: Development of visual assay for detection of α-synuclein in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease

Guilherme Bicalho Saturnino: Optimizing Electric Fields for Transcranial Electrical Stimulation

Henrik Lundell: Characterization of axonal microstructure and transmission in MS: Combining 7T MRI

diffusion weighted spectroscopy and electrophysiology

Janine Kesselheim: Can oscillatory transcranial brain stimulation of human sensorimotor cortex

(TACS) at beta frequency modify sensorimotor inhibition?

Jonathan Holm-Skjold: Development of emotional processing is linked to maturational changes in leftright cingulum asymmetry during adolescence

Kasper Winther Andersen: Multi-dimensional microstructural imaging offers novel in-vivo insights into brain pathology: an application to multiple sclerosis

Line K. Johnsen: Neuroimaging correlates of cognitive control in children at high risk for schizophrenia or bipolar disorder

Louise Baruël Johansen: Reduced orbitofrontal functional network centrality characterizes high neuroticism across childhood and adolescence

Lærke Gebser Krohne: Does corticospinal excitability depend on the oscillatory phase of the pericentral μ-rhythm

Mads Alexander Just Madsen: What is the impact of a cortical lesion? – A 7T MRI study in multiple sclerosis patients

Magnus Koudahl: Phenotyping Losers: Parietal Traits as Predictors of Risk Preferences for Consequential Losses

Malte Laustsen: Slice-wise motion tracking during simultaneous EEG-fMRI

Mariam Andersson: Using X-ray Imaging to Visualise the 3D Architecture of White Matter

Nayome Rey Calvo: Assessment of white matter hyperintensity volume in large-scale MR population-based studies

Nina Højland Reislev: DRCMR Reader Centre – From study design to quality-assured results

Sara Andreasen: Alterations in the Brain´s Connectome during recovery from severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Syoichi Tashiro: Focal Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation of the primary motor cortex: Impact of stimulation pattern


The Research Day is being held on Friday 13 April 2018 at Forsknings- og Undervisningsbygningen, Auditorium 1, Hvidovre Hospital. For the program, click here.