Lecture in Synchrotron imaging - image resolution in nanometers

  • Wednesday 23 August 2017 |
  • Heloisa N. Borallo |
  • DRCMR, Pav. 7 |
  • Time 13-14 |

Heloisa N. Borallo from Niels Bohr Institute is visiting DRCMR...

Wednesday 23 August 2017, Heloisa N. Bordallo from Niels Bohr Institute is so kind to come and give a lecture on the basics of synchrotron imaging. Why synchrotron imaging when we have MRI → Because we have received foundation for a RegionH project called MAX4Imagers where we are going to try out the potential of using synchrotron imaging to get extremely high resolution images of tissue.


Wednesday 23 August 2017

Time and place: 13-14 at DRCMR, Conference Room, Pav. 7

It will be very practically oriented for newbies with tips and tricks and how it all works as well as the challenges in setting up experiments and its potential. 

Come and hear about a new cool imaging technique.

Everybody is welcome to come and listen.