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Global Excellence Seminar with Henning Friis

  • 7 June 2019 |
  • Henning |
  • MR Conference Room |
  • Time 9:00 |

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On Friday 7 June 2019, Henning Friis is giving a lecture entitled: "Bio-imaging at the world's most powerful x-ray sources".


The world’s most powerful x-ray and neutron sources, MAX IV and ESS, will in a few years be up and running in Lund. Denmark has invested more than DKK 2 billion in these research facilities, and as a consequence, there is a strong national interest in promoting their use. I will present the current plans with a focus on the establishment of the 3D x-ray imaging center at DTU, 3DIM, which will act as a national competence center, and in addition will run a national  facility with 10 CT scanners placed in Lyngby. Next, I will present the case for bio-imaging at these facilities, with examples on the cellular, tissue and bone level.  3DIM is very interested in reaching out to the hospitals on these issues. I hope the seminar will end with a discussion on the perspectives.

Henning Friis is the manager of Danscatt, the umbrella organisation for the Danish synchrotron and neutron scatterings and of the 3D Imaging Center at DTU.

The talk with be held on Friday 7 June 2019 at 9:00 o'clock in the MR Conference Room.