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Leise Borg



+45 3862 2852



Research Interests

I investigate the early signs of dementia in MR brain scans using artificial intelligence. Moreover, I enjoy working on image reconstruction and analysis in CT and MR images and implementing mathematical models for solving scientific issues.

Curriculum Vitae



PhD in Image Reconstruction and Analysis (Computer Science), University of Copenhagen


MSc in Physics/Biophysics, University of Copenhagen


BSc in Physics, University of Copenhagen


2020 - Present

Postdoc at DRCMR

2020 - 2020

Data Scientist at the Tax Administration

2014 - 2018

PhD student at DIKU

2014 - 2014

Research Assistant at DIKU

2011 - 2012

High School Teacher at HTX Vibenhus

2010 - 2010

Communication Specialist at Widex


Borg L., Sporring J., Dam E. B., Dahl V. A., Dyrby T. B., Dahl A. B., Pingel J. Muscle fibre morphology and microarchitecture in cerebral palsy patients obtained by 3D synchrotron X-ray computed tomography. Computers in Biology and Medicine, 2019. Volume 17, pp. 265-269.

Borg L., Jørgensen J. S., Frikel J., Quinto T. E. Analyzing reconstruction artifacts from arbitrary incomplete X-ray CT data. SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, 2018. Volume 11, issue 4.

Borg L., Frikel J., Jørgensen J. S., Sporring J. Reduction of variable-truncation artifacts from beam occlusion during in situ x-ray tomography. Measurement Science and Technology, 2017. Volume 28, issue 12.

Borg, L., Jørgensen, J. S., Frikel, J., Quinto, E. T., Sporring, J. (2017). Reducing artifacts from varying projection truncations. Paper presented at 3rd International Conference on Tomography of Materials and Structures, Lund, Sverige.

Piskur J, Borg L, Stupnik A, Leisch M, Ernst WE, Holst B. Field ionization of free helium atoms: Correlation between the kinetic energy of ionized atoms and probability of their field ionization. Applied Surface Science, 2008. Volume 254, issue 14.