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Jasmin Merhout




Research Radiographer

Research Interests

My research interests generally lie in the improvement and standardization of clinical imaging procedures to elevate and equalize the standard of care patients receive. Specifically, I aim to contribute to the development of new imaging methods for rare diseases and prevention diagnostics, to the improvement of MRI efficiency and precision, and to providers being able to produce the best diagnostics from medical images. Moreover, I am interested in the development of worldwide diagnostic imaging standards that allow for a better understanding of the human body and diseases globally.

Research Groups

Reader Centre group

Curriculum Vitae



Radiologic Technologist, Lette-Verein Berlin, Germany


2020 - Present

Research Radiographer, DRCMR

2018 - 2019

Clinical Research Assistant, Department of Radiology, UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine, North Carolina, USA

2013 - 2014

Radiologic Technologist, Charité Berlin, Germany


Torres, G., Moore, C.J., Goel, L.D., Steed, D., Merhout, J., Caughey, M., Kirk, S.R., Hartman, T.S., Kuzmiak, C.M. and Gallippi, C.M., 2019, October. Viscoelastic Response (VisR)-Derived Mechanical Anisotropy for Differentiating Malignant from Benign Breast Lesions in Women, in vivo. In 2019 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS) (pp. 1372-1374). IEEE.