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Barbara Vad Andersen



+45 3070 7860




Aarhus University, Department of Food Science

Research Interests

Barbara is affiliated at Aarhus University, Department of Food, working with Sensory & Consumer Science.
At DRCMR she is working on the OmniSaM project. OmniSaM is proposed as a multi-modal metric that targets the full spectrum of processes underlying the satiety cascade, composing brain, blood, mind and behavior of consumers. In the project high-resolution neuroimaging data is conducted from the hypothalamus, whilst simultaneously recording appetitive hormones, blood metabolite composition, subjective sensory indices of appetite, desires, and well-being, and behavioral metrics of consumption vigor.

Curriculum Vitae



PhD in Sensory & Consumer Science, Technical University of Denmark


MSc in Human Nutrition, University of Copenhagen


Prof. BSc in Nutrition and Health, Suhr’s Seminarium


2015 - Present

PostDoc, Aarhus University

2015 - 2015

Research Assistant, Aarhus University

2014 - 2014

Research Assistant, Technical University of Denmark

2011 - 2014

PhD-student, Technical University of Denmark

2011 - 2014

Sensory Assessor, Technical University of Denmark

Full CV


Andersen, B. V., Byrne, D. V., Bredie, W. L. P. & Møller, P. (2017). Cayenne pepper in a meal: Effect of oral heat on feelings of appetite, sensory specific desires and well-being. Food Quality and Preference, In press.

Andersen, B. V., Mielby, L. H., Viemose, I., Bredie, W. L. P. & Hyldig, G. (2017). Integration of the sensory experience and post-ingestive measures for understanding food satisfaction. A case study on sucrose replacement by Stevia Rebaudiana and addition of Beta Glucan in fruit drinks. Food quality and Preference, 58, 76-84.

Mielby, L. H., Andersen, B. V., Jensen, S., Kildegaard, H., Kuznetsova, A., Eggers, N., Brockhoff, P. B. & Byrne, D. V. (2016). Changes in sensory characteristics and their relation with consumers' liking, wanting and sensory satisfaction: Using dietary fibre and lime flavor in Stevia rebaudiana sweetened fruit beverages. Food Research International, 82, 14-21.

Akkerman, M., Søndergaard, L. K., Jespersen, L., Balling, M. R., Mackie, A., Nørreby, N. L., Andersen, U., Nørgaard, M. K., Løkke, M. M., Møller, J. R., Mielby, L. A., Andersen, B. V., Kidmose, U. & Hammershøj, M. (2016). Interaction between sodium chloride and texture in semi-hard Danish cheese as affected by brining time, DL-starter culture, chymosin type and cheese ripening. International Dairy Journal, In press.

Andersen, B. V. & Hyldig, G. (2015). Consumers' view on determinants to food satisfaction. A qualitative approach. Appetite, 95, 9-16

Andersen, B. V. & Hyldig, G. (2015). Food Satisfaction: Integrating feelings before, during and after food intake. Food Quality and Preference, 43, 126-134