Violaine Michel Lange





Research Interests

I am part of the ProGram project which investigates the neuro-cognitive basis of grammar. My work in the project focuses on the production of speech and more precisely the distinction between the production of grammatical and lexical elements using EEG/ERPs and TMS.

Research Groups

Brain Stimulation
Motor Control

Curriculum Vitae



Neurolinguistics course (MA level), University of Copenhagen


Master degree, University of Lyon, France


PhD degree in linguistics, University of Geneva, Switzerland


2014 - Present

PostDoc at the DRCMR

2007 - 2007

Research assistant at the Cognitive Neuro-rehabilitation laboratory, University Hospital of Geneva

Full CV


 Michel Lange, V., Pellet Cheneval, P., Python, G, Laganaro, M. (2016). Contextual phonological errors and omission of obligatory liaison as a window into the span of phonological encoding in aphasic patients. Aphasiology, doi:    10.1080/02687038.2016.1176121

Michel Lange, V., Perret, C., Laganaro, M. (2015) Comparison of single-word and adjective-noun phrase production using event-related brain potentials. Cortex. 67, 15-29doi:10.1016/j.cortex.2015.02.017

Michel Lange, V. & Laganaro, M. (2014). Inter-subject variability modulates phonological advance planning in the production of adjective-noun phrases. Frontiers in Psychology. 5:43. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00043

Alario, F.-X., Goslin, J., Michel Lange, V., & Laganaro, M. (2010). The functional origin of foreign accent: Evidence from the syllable frequency effect in bilingual speakers. Psychological Science, 21, 15-20.

Bagou, O., Michel Lange, V., Laganaro, M. (2009). On the production of sandhi phenomena in French: psycholinguistic and acoustic data. INTERSPEECH 2009: 452-455.