Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy

Current position:
Senior Researcher and Head of the Decision Neuroscience Research Group at Copenhagen Business School and DRCMR

PhD, MA and certified MSc in Psychology (cand.psych.aut)

Research groups:

Decision Neuroscience group

Funtional activation/fMRI group

Development and plasticity group

Ageing and dementia group

E-mail: &

Main research interest:
My work is focused on describing and understanding different kinds of value-based decisions, by combining behavioural (psychology, economics) and neurobiological accounts of such processes. This work is realised through the focus on four main interests: 

  • Expectation bias, framing effects and source effects
  • Aesthetics and liking
  • Behavioural addiction and impulse control
  • The role of consciousness in decision making


Research methods

  • Functional neuroimaging (fMRI, EEG, PET)
  • Structural neuroimaging (morphometric MRI, Diffusion Tensor Imaging)
  • Behavioural testing
  • Psychophysical measurements (Galvanic Skin Response, eye-tracking, respiration, pulse)

Selected publications:

Plassmann H, Ramsøy TZ, Milosavljevic M (2011, in press) Branding the Brain – A Critical Review. Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Gelskov SA, Madsen KH, Henningsson S, Siebner HR & Ramsøy TZ (2011) The amygdala compares potential gains and losses during loss aversion. PhD Day, Faculaty of Health Sciences, Copenhagen University

Ramsøy TZ & Skov M (2010) How genes make up your mind – Individual biological differences and value-based decisions. Journal of Economic Psychology. 

Ramsøy, T.Z. & Skov, M. The insentience of brand equity - Two studies of consciousness and brands. Conference on Neuroeconomics/NeuroPsychoEconomics 2010. Copenhagen (June 1, 2010) – Award for Best Session Paper and Best Conference Paper

Skov, M. & Ramsøy T.Z. Effects of sound predictability on first impressions of novel brand logos. ICORIA 2010. Madrid (June 25-26, 2010)

Skov, M. & Ramsøy, T.Z. Level of perceptual expectedness influences the preference for novel brand logos. Conference on Neuroeconomics/NeuroPsychoEconomics 2010. Copenhagen (June 1, 2010)

Friis-Olivarius, M., Wallentin, M., Roepstorff, A., Ramsøy, T.Z. & Vuust, P. Call-response improvisation. New insights in the study of creativity. Conference on Neuroeconomics/NeuroPsychoEconomics 2010. Copenhagen (June 1, 2010)

Gelskov SA, Madsen KH, Skimminge A, Henningsson S, Siebner HR, Ramsøy TZ (2010) Anterior insula evaluates the magnitude of potential losses. Society for Neuroscience

Skov M., Carrara-Augustenborg C, Ramsøy TZ (in review) The insentience of brand equity. Effects of brand preference on behavioural responses and awareness thresholds

Petersen MB, Skov M, Serritzlew S, Ramsøy TZ (in review) Forming Opinions in the Face of Party Cues: Effort is amplified, not minimized.

Erritzøe D, Frøkjaer VG, Christoffersen MV, Baaré W, Ramsøy TZ, Svarer C, Jernigan TL, Knudsen GM (2011 in press) In vivo imaging of cerebral serotonin transporter and 5-HT2A receptor binding in MDMA and hallucinogen users. Archives of General Psychiatry.

Madsen KS, Baaré WF, Vestergaard M, Skimminge A, Ejersbo LR, Ramsøy TZ, Gerlach C, Åkeson P, Paulson OB, Jernigan TL (2010) Response inhibition is associated with white matter microstructure in children. Neuropsychologia. 48(4): 854-62

Erritzøe, D., Frøkjær, V.G., Licht, C.L., Christoffersen, M.V., Baare, W,, Ramsøy, T.Z., Svarer, C., Jernigan, T. & Knudsen, G.M. Simultaneous polysubstance use and serotonin transporter and 2A receptor binding among human MDMA and hallucinogen users. British Association for Psychopharmacology, 2010 Summer Meeting - Harrogate (July 25-28, 2010)

Hansen MV, Madsen KS, Baaré W, Skimminge A, Ejersbo LR, Ramsøy TZ, Gerlach C, Åkeson P, Paulson OB, Jernigan TL (2010) White Matter Microstructure in Superior Longitudinal Fasciculus Associated with Spatial Working Memory Performance in Children. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Ramsøy TZ, Liptrot MG, Skimminge A, Lund TE, Sidaros K, Christensen MS, Baaré W, Paulson OB, Jernigan TL (2009) Regional activation of the human medial temporal lobe during intentional encoding of objects and positions. Neuroimage 47(4): 1863-72

Ramsøy TZ, Liptrot MG, Skimminge A, Lund TE, Sidaros K, Christensen MS, Baaré W, Paulson, OB, Siebner HR, Jernigan TL (in review) Healthy aging attenuates task-related specialization in the human medial temporal lobe.

Overgaard M, Gallagher S, Ramsøy TZ (2008) An Integration of First-Person Methodologies in Cognitive Science, Journal of Consciousness Studies, 15:5,100–120

Rowe JB, Sakai K, Lund TE, Ramsøy TZ, Christensen MS, Baaré WFC, Paulson OB, Passingham RE (2007) Is the prefrontal cortex essential for establishing cognitive sets?  J Neuroscience, 27 (48), 13303-10

Christensen MS, Ramsøy TZ, Lund TE, Madsen KH, Rowe JB. (2006) An fMRI study of the neural correlates of graded visual perception.  Neuroimage 31(4):1711-25.

Ramsøy, T.Z., Balslev, D. & Paulson, O.B.: Methods for observing the living brain. In: Baard and Gage (eds.) Cognition, Brain and Consciousness - Introduction to cognitive neuroscience, Second edition, pp. 555-589. Elsevier Science

Ramsøy, T.Z. & Baars, B.J. The tools: Imaging the living brain. In: Baard and Gage (eds.) Cognition, Brain and Consciousness - Introduction to cognitive neuroscience, Second edition, pp. 95-156. Elsevier Science

Ramsøy TZ (2007) Vurdering, reaktion og kontrol: Emotionssystemets funktion. In: Følelser og kognition, edited by Skov M and Jensen TW Museum Tusculanum

Overgaard M, Rote J, Mouridsen K, Ramsøy TZ. (2006) Is conscious perception gradual or dichotomous? A comparison of report methodologies during a visual task. Conscious Cogn. 15(4):700-8.


Curriculum vitae:


1993: Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
1994: Examen Philosophicum, University of Oslo
1999: BA Psychology, University of Copenhagen, Psychological Dept., consisting of studies in Psychology at: University of Tromsø, Norway; NTNU University of Trondheim, Norway
2001 MA Psychology, University of Copenhagen, Psychological Dept. Copenhagen, DK
2005: Certified MSc in Psychology, cand.psych.aut. Copenhagen, DK
2003-07: Ph.d. student, MR-dept., Copenhagen University Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital
Supported by Copenhagen University Focus area “Body and Mind”

Work experience

1993-94: Market researcher, interviewer, Scan-Fact A/S
1994-95: Research assistant, University of Tromsø, Dept. of Psychology
1995-96: Assistant nurse, Psychiatric Dept., Bispebjerg Hospital
1996-97: Assistant nurse, coordinator, Trondheim Town, Strinda district
1997-2000: KAP Skovvænget, Psychiatric Dept., Copenhagen County
1999-2001: Research assistant, The Copenhagen Aphasia Study, Bispebjerg Hospital, Neurological Dept.
2001-02: Neuropsychologist (tenency), Hvidovre Hospital, Psychiatric Dept
2002-03: Neuropsychologist, The Lions Collegium (rehab. facility),
2003: Consultant Neuropsychologist, the Dementia Clinic, Odense University Hospital
2003-04: Junior Research Fellow, MR-dept., Copenhagen University Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital

Training and know-how

MRI: structural MRI, functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, ASL
Imaging analysis: MatLab, SPM2, SPM5, MNI Register, MNI Display, MIPAV
Statistical software: SPSS, ViSta, R, MiniTab, SAS
Stimulus software: E-Prime, Presentation, PsychLAB
Neuropsych batteries: MSU 1-2, RH basis battery, PALPA, PICA, WAB 1+2, MMPI-2

Other activities

Science & Consciousness Review — Managing editor

BrainEthics blog — coeditor - Editor

SCR Newsletter, Mind & Brain, Bevidsthed — moderator

Nordic Network for Consciousness Studies — administrator