Richard McWalter




PhD Student


Hearing Systems, DTU Elektro

Research Interests

My research is focused on human hearing. Primarily, I investigate the perception, processing and functional organization of sound textures in the human auditory system, and what strategies we might employ to interpret our surroundings efficiently.

Research Groups


Curriculum Vitae



MSc, Engineering Acoustics, Technical University of Denmark


BEng – Electrical, University of Victoria, Canada


2011 - 2012

DSP Engineer, Dynamic Hearing, Melbourne Australia

Full CV


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Improvements in Elimination of Loudspeaker Distortion in Acoustic Measurements. / Agerkvist, Finn T.; Torras Rosell, Antoni; McWalter, Richard Ian. Proceedings of 138th International Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention. Audio Engineering Society, 2015.

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