Nina Linde Højland Reislev



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Research Interests

Multi-modal MRI, anatomy, brain plasticity and ageing, the sensory systems, population neuroscience.
To combine the information obtained from multi-modal structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging as a tool to get insight into the biological processes of brain plasticity. The aim is to reveal how intrinsic and extrinsic factors relate to, and possibly affect, brain structure and function, by using longitudinal and cross-sectional observational and intervention studies across the life-span.

Research Groups

Ageing and Dementia
Microstructure and Plasticity
Reader Centre

Curriculum Vitae


Biomedical engineering from University of Copenhagen and Technical University of Denmark.


2014 - Present

Postdoc DRCMR and Center for Healthy Aging

2011 - 2014

PhD Student, DRCMR and Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

2010 - 2011

Research Assistant, DRCMR

Full CV


Niklas Kasenburg, Matthew Liptrot, Nina Linde Reislev, Silas N. Ørting, Mads Nielsen, Ellen Garde, Aasa Feragen. Training shortest-path tractography: Automatic learning of spatial priors. NeuroImage 130:63-76, 2016.

Reislev, N.L., Dyrby, T., Siebner, H.R., Kupers, R., Ptito, M. Simultaneous assessment of white matter changes in microstructure and connectedness in the blind brain. In press Neural Plasticity 2016.

Reislev, N.L., Kupers, R., Siebner, H. R., Ptito, M., Dyrby, T.B. Blindness alters the microstructure of the ventral but not the dorsal visual stream. Brain Structure and Function, July 2015.

Heine L, Bahri MA, Cavaliere C, Soddu A, Reislev NL, Laureys S, Ptito M and Kupers R. Front. Prevalence of increases in functional connectivity in visual, somatosensory and language areas in congenital blindness. Neuroanat. 9:86, 2015.

Dyrby, T.B., Lundell, H., Burke, M., Reislev, N.L., Paulson, O.B., Ptito, M., Siebner, H. Interpolation of diffusion weighted imaging dataset. NeuroImage 2014.