Wednesday, 18 January 2017 09:09

Hvidovre researcher is developing the worlds best x-ray pictures

X-ray pictures with very sharp lighting will pave the way for better treatments of a broad range of diseases. The project at Hvidovre Hospital recently received 4.5 million Danish kroner from the Research Fund of the Capital Region of Denmark.

New and advanced x-ray equipment using synchrotron light can create what the researchers behind the project refer to as "the world's best x-ray pictures". 

“Today on an MRI scan we can only see if there is something wrong with the nerve pathways in the brain but we cannot tell exactly what has taken place. We wish to get detailed insight into how the structure of the muscles changes when neurological diseases give strong seizures. With synchrotron light we can get more detailed knowledge which can be used for more precise diagnosis and better treatments of different neurological diseases like Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis and ALS,” explains the senior research scientist Tim Bjørn Dyrby from the MR research section at Hvidovre Hospital (DRCMR).

Tim Bjørn Dyrby is leading the project “Quantitative Imaging Analysis of Clinical Synchrotron Imaging” which just received 4.5 million Danish kroner from the Research Fund of the Capital Region of Denmark as one of the strategic health projects 2016. The MAX IV project will run for three years partly at the synchroton facilities MAX IV in Lund, Sweden, and the goal is for researchers and clinicians to be able to interpret the images from the synchrotron light.

The project is in collaboration with Rigshospitalet, the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen. It is focusing on developing algorithms which will be used for analyzing gigantic loads of data from biopsies.