Global Excellence Seminar with Hyunjoo Jenny Lee

  • Friday 26 January 2018 |
  • Assistant Professor Hyunjoo Jenny Lee |
  • MR Conference Room |
  • Time 11:00 |

 Biomedical microsystems for neuro interface

Hyunjoo Jenny Lee is an Assistant Professor at Kaist in South Korea.

The Biomedical Microsystems Lab is devoted to developing novel and state-of-the-art nano/microsystems for bio, medical, and neuro applications. The lab pursues tru interdisciplinary research between nano/micro engineering, life science, neuroscience, and medicine. Specifically, by developing and applying key technologies in Electrical Engineering, such as nano devices, microfabrication technologies, integrated circuits (ICs), and non-conventional nanotechnology, the aim is to answer important questions in life science, neuroscience, and medicine.

For more information and a description of the Biomedical Microsystems Lab, see